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Geaux Creole seafood boil
Geaux Creole seafood boil

Geaux Creole Seafood Boil, 4.5 lbs

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Part Number:8.60E+11
  • 16 spice blend that adds flavor with medium heat
  • 1 bag can boil 1 sack or 35lbs crawfish, or 1 hamper of crabs, or 20lbs shrimp
  • Perfect for adding a kick of flavor to any veggie, seafood, or meat
Geaux Creole Seafood Boil is the perfect blend of seasoning and spices for your next seafood boil. Whether you prefer to boil Crawfish/Crayfish, Crabs or Shrimp this award winning seafood boil blend will spice up your seafood and add great flavor too! Geaux Creole Seafood Boil has 16 different herbs and spices and is all you need to flavor up and spice up your next seafood boil. Just add 1 bag of Geaux Creole Seafood Seasoning to your pot to season 1 sack of crawfish (35-40 pounds), 20 lbs of Shrimp, or 1 hamper of crabs.  Then add your favorite crawfish,shrimp, or crab boil fixins to the pot after the heat is turned off and allow to soak with lid on for at least 30 minutes. Geaux Creole Seafood boil is also lower in sodium than other “big” brands which means more flavor in the boil and less swelling after your done. If you like your seafood extra spicy you may need to add cayenne or your favorite spicy product to the pot.