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SOS Oyster Shells
sos oyster shells

SOS Oyster Shells

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The “char-grilled oysters” served in New Orleans became a national success. Serving char-grilled oysters on their natural shell was a bit of a problem. The labor of finding and opening natural oysters, sanitizing the shells, consistency of the shells and disposal of the used shells forced one local restaurant to seek a better and more efficient way of grilling.

As a result local Covington restaurant Schwing's began making their own stainless steel shells for use in their restaurant as well as for home use. The result is a large, flat bottom, stainless steel shell that is sanitary, deep enough for your “special” sauce, allows char-grilling of a variety of foods and is easily cleaned and reused. Now anything from pre-opened oysters, to chicken to veggies, etc. can be char-grilled or oven-cooked at home with your own “special sauce”.

Next time the party is at your house, create magic with the SOS Oyster Shells made locally in Covington, LA!

1 Pack contains 12 stainless steel Oyster Shells

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