Crawfish and Newspaper Print by Alla Baltas 11x14"
alla baltas crawfish and newspaper

Crawfish and Newspaper Print by Alla Baltas 11x14"

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This is a Alla Baltas Fleur de Lis print with a fish, crawfish, shrimp, and crab. Total matted size measures 11x14". Picture itself measures 8x10". You can remove the matte or leave as is. If you do add the Matte, then it becomes an 11x14. About the Artist: Alla Baltas Alla Baltas was born and raised in Ukraine where she was heavily influenced by her father who himself was an artist; therefore, she began painting at a very early age. In 1988 Alla began to formally study art at Kharkov State Arts School in Ukraine. There she earned a degree in Graphic Design. While enrolled in art school, Alla also spent time outside of school studying the technique of oil painting. She learned much about the history and development of art at the Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum of Art, both located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Expanding her formal art education by enrolling in Kharkov State Pedagogic University in 1998, she was able to attain her Masters Degree in painting, which also certified her to teach fine art, drawing, and applied art. Alla started painting professionally in 1998, focusing on still life, religious icons, landscapes, and portraits. Alla held her first exhibition at the age of 29 in Kiev, Ukraine, where she received critical acclaim. Alla became a member of the Young Artist Association, displaying her art at the Ukraine Union Art Exhibition for Artist Day and the Christmas Exhibition in Kharkov in 1998. Alla moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2004 where she feel in love with Southern culture, which inspired her to use her artistic ability to create art exemplifying southern life. Her passion drove her to opening up her own art gallery in Baton Rouge, where she continuous to creates new art, also sharing know knowledge and ability by teaching others.

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