Cajun Rocket Pot- 80qt

Cajun Rocket Pot- 80qt

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For use with a gas burner only.

The inventor of the Cajun Rocket Pot has enjoyed backyard crawfish boils and barbeque's for years at the family home in Madisonville, LA. But when he became tired of crawfish boils being held up waiting for water to boil, he set out to create a more efficient boiling pot. An electronics specialist by profession, he began tinkering in his garage with different ideas to increase the absorption of heat inside the pot during the cooking process.

After about a year and a half of prototypes, our intrepid inventor hit upon the ultimate high performance design. He then had to design and build an automated welder to manufacture our pots. Thousands of manhours later, the ingenious new pot was finally in a mass production mode. Now the Cajun Rocket Pot is available to the public as well as the restaurant and commercial cooking industry.

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So why use the Cajun Rocket Pot?

Faster Boil
Our 80 quart pot comes to a raging boil in about 15 minutes using any standard jet burner. Enter the crawfish, and the boil is back in 3 minutes. After 2 additional minutes of boiling and 15 minutes of soaking, the crawfish are ready to enjoy.
Fuel Saving
Whether you're boiling or frying, the Cajun Rocket Pot absorbs nearly twice as much heat from the burner, so the amount of fuel use is reduced by the same amount.
It pays for itself every time you use it!
Less Heat in the Kitchen
The Cajun Rocket Pot absorbs nearly twice as much heat from the heat source, meaning less heat is lost around the pot. If you can't stand the heat, now you can stay in the kitchen!
Better Performance
The Cajun Rocket Pot performs great with items such as jambalaya, chili and beans because the heat is picked up evenly across the bottom of the pot.

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